Do you want a dog in your cup of tea? No of course you don’t! There would be hair and all sorts floating around, yuck. However this dog is not like most, the Pug in a Mug is actually a perfect match for your tea drinking routine.

Fill up the Pug with delicious tea leaves and dip him into your mug. Don’t worry, Mr. Pug is made from silicone so he won’t mind the hot water around his tummy but this will allow all those lovely tea leaves to infuse with the water. The pug will grip onto the sides of the mug with his front paws so once you have the perfect coloured tea, you can easily remove him without burning your fingers.

The Pug in a Mug is super easy to fill and clean too. Unscrew the pug to fill and remove the tea leaves and a quick rinse under a running tap is enough to get him nice and clean for next time.

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