With smartphones and social media transforming our love for photography, we are taking more snaps than ever before. But we can’t help but miss those days of having a physical picture in our hands to enjoy with those around us. So stop your photos getting lost online, and share your world in a whole different way, with the incredible Prynt Case for iPhone 6/6s!

Making pictures real again, the Prynt is the first ever photo printing case for your phone. All you have to do is connect the case to your phone to get high-quality photo prints, absolutely anywhere. Your prints are long-lasting, fade and tear resistant and offer millions of high-res colours (as well as doubling up as a sticker!) And you’ll never have to pay for messy in cartridges as the Prynt photos use special ink-free technology.

But the magic doesn’t stop there, as each Prynt has a video saved inside it (we told you it was magic!) Simply get your friend to take a photo of the Prynt with their smartphone and using the Prynt app, they can watch that photo as a video. It’s kind of insane Harry Potter incredibleness which is totally amazing.

Small enough to carry with you everywhere and so totally futuristic it will blow your mind; we just can’t wait to try it!


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