Contactless Card and Passport Protector – SkimGuard Active

Carry your contactless payment cards with you with complete peace of mind that no one can penetrate the information they hold. Offering 100% protection from the skimming and reading devices used by digital thieves, these RFID blocking cards work all day and every day to keep your cards safe.

Just the size of a credit card, the Skim Guard sits in a wallet, pocket or purse to protect everything within a 90mm range. It features unique E-Field ™ technology, an electronic field that not only detects any possible dangers but also scrambles your RFID chip signal to make it impenetrable to thieves. For added reassurance, a LED light alerts you to any attempts at theft.

- Works without batteries
- Works with all contactless payment cards
- Fits in a wallet, purse or pocket to protect all contactless payment cards within a 90mm range
- A red LED in the card lights up to warn you of any scanning or skimming attempt
- Works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
- 5-year guarantee


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