Citrus Zinger Sport

Create your own refreshing citrus infusions
A scrumptious and healthy alternative to sugar packed juices
Also a scrumptious alternative to boring old water #boring
Infuse your H20 with the zesty flavours of fruits, veg and herbs
A handy, portable way to get your juices flowing

Whether you love limes, crave clementines or only enjoy oranges, Citrus Zinger Sport is the water bottle for you. Featuring a built-in juicer; it spells the end for boring water and gives your hydration ritual a well-overdue kick up the backside.

First, take a large slice of your favourite citrus fruit (size permitting), load it into the base and screw it tight to get the juices flowing. Then simply fill the top with water and you’ll be enjoying citrus-flavoured water all day long.

When life gives you lemons… squeeze them into your water bottle.

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